Key Personnel

NHPL gets the power to master its production work and functions well to create quality output with the help from its key personnel. A team which makes sure that NHPL spells success every day.

Mr. Mahendra Patwari
Director, Nagreeka Hydrocarbons (P) Ltd.

The 48 year old, is an experienced professional and holds a B.Tech, from IIT Mumbai. He has been actively involved in the various business proceedings of the Nagreeka Group for the past 23 years. He is responsible for the company’s operational, production and human resource efficiency.

Mr. Satish Patwari
Director, Nagreeka Hydrocarbons (P) Ltd.

Mr. Satish Patwari leads Nagreeka’s efforts in the foils business. He has led the division’s growth from its modest beginning, to being a diversified supplier of foil products. Mr. Satish Patwari is a proud alumnus of the Harvard Business School (OPM), and is an active member and ex-president of the Rotary Club.

Mr. K. N. Bansal

Director, Nagreeka Hydrocarbons (P) Ltd.

Aged 63 years, he is a veteran in the finance, accounts, tax and legal matters with a golden experience of 45 years. A commerce graduate from the Calcutta University he is in charge of the finance issues at the company.

Mr. Amitava Mazumder
Director, Nagreeka Hydrocarbons (P) Ltd

This 65 year old is the key management person who takes care of the day to day activities in the plant. With an experience of above 40 years in the coaltar industry he has a fine eye for quality control. Having worked at companies like Jalan Carbon & Chemicals Ltd., Shyam Tar Products, Mahavir Coke Industries Pvt. Ltd., Himadri Chemicals & Industries Ltd and many others, he is a master in his field.

Mr. Rahul Patwari
CEO, Nagreeka Hydrocarbons (P) Ltd.

At the tender age of 22, this young Business Management, University of York, United Kingdom has taken up the charge for the overall operations of the company. A keen mind who has the constant drive to strategise new ways to take the company ahead and develop it further. He is leading the Group’s dreams for a better tomorrow.