The production of coal tar pitch at NHPL is of fine standards so as to meet the specific needs of our consumers. An essential requirement of the aluminium industry, coal tar pitch is used to make carbon electrodes that help in producing aluminium. It is a specially produced pitch from controlled distillation of coal tar that is an important ingredient in electric arc furnaces used in the manufacturing process of aluminium and steel. It acts as a binding agent in the production of the carbon anodes.

One can find a number of uses for this product:

•   It is known for making industries work the green way. It helps the smelters to produce metal with great efficiency in cost too.
•   It finds a major usage in the tasks of waterproofing, protective and binding compounds in masonry by being a worthy ingredient.
    Steel and timber industries benefit from it too.
•   It can also be used for waterproofing concrete structures, as saturants for roofing felts and making it a strong base for anti corrosive

    We have a sustainable and large channels of procurement of raw material both domestically and internationally.